Agency Acquisitions

Acquisitions are about understanding the needs of our clients. Spending time with our clients understanding what makes there business tick means the advice we give is tailored to there needs and not just bricks and mortar orientated.

We have developed a benchmarking model that goes beyond the normal listing of properties. It benchmarks your existing property against the rest of the market. Covering topics such as:

  • Location - does your business need to be close to amenities, transport hubs, existing customers etc
  • Clients - does you business have a particular emphasis towards client interaction and how much does this affect your choice of building
  • Environmental factors - an ever growing topic that is moving higher on the business agenda. Is this something that is core to your business or something that remains in the "nice to have" column
  • Operational requirements - do you use the space properly in your building, could it be used more efficiently.

Finally we overlay these results with a financial model.

financial model - Fernie Greaves

By employing such a process it means your business makes the correct decision not just in terms of securing the best deal available in the market but by making the right property decision for your business.

Fernie Greaves Chartered Surveyors

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